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Ms Jetty Thomas is an educationist with close to twenty three years of experience in the teaching field.

She has a Master’s degree in English Language & Literature from Madras Christian College, Chennai, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration from Symbiosis University, Pune.

Her forte is English language Teaching & Communicative English and she has taught students right from the Primary level to the Collegiate level in India and in the Sultanate of Oman. Her rich exposure to the CBSE curriculum has empowered her with a diverse and innovative approach towards the teaching–learning methodology.

She considers her profession a ‘calling’ and has strong faith in her team of educators who go above and beyond to touch the lives of all their learners in a positive and constructive manner.

She believes that the essence of true education, when rightly and effectively transferred to the young learners, can help each student evolve as responsible and caring individuals who in turn become productive adults who value themselves and respect others.

Upholding the School’s motto, ‘Educate, Empower, Enlighten’, the staff under her leadership leave no stone unturned to promote lifelong universal values of discipline, compassion, co-existence, and integrity among the students placed under their care.